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MTC Serien - Marine Temperature Calibrator

Fast and convenient marine temperature calibrators

MTC - Marine Temperature Calibrator

The MTC series of portable temperature calibrators from JF INSTRUMENTS makes it very easy to maintain correct readings for all your temperature monitoring devices. The dry-block design does not use any hazardous hot liquid, has a larger temperature range and heats up and cools down much faster than a traditional liquid bath. The  MTC dry-block calibrators has been designed for much easier true temperature calibration in the field, leading to reliable results. The simple operation and the automatic functions have been carefully selected for ease of use. This has resulted in a fast, simple and efficient temperature calibrator without compromising quality. Reach 320°C (608°F) in just 4 minutes.

The MTC series features a large backlit display showing a lot of useful information at the same time: The set value and the true temperature, the status on the thermo switch test input, a count- down time before the temperature is stable and a big check mark when it is stable. To save time use the automatic switch test. The MTC series will find the open and close temperatures on a thermo switch and calculate the dead band. The MTC series also features an auto-step function. Using this function you may stay in the control room and monitor the temperature reading while the calibrator automatically steps through a number of pre-programmed temperatures located next to the sensor.

Models and temperature ranges
MTC-140 A: -17 to 140°C (-1 to 284°F)
MTC-320 A: 50 to 320°C (122 to 608°F)
MTC-650 A: 50 to 650°C (122 to 1202°F)

Features for MTC

  • Interchangeable inserts
  • Multi-hole insertion tubes
  • MVI Mains Variance Immunity
  • Automatic switch test
  • Multi information display
  • Safty banana bushings
  • Auto stepping
  • Stability indicator
  • Count down timer (shows when unit is stable)
  • Programmable maximum temperature
  • Fast simulation/training mode
  • Re-calibration from keyboard
  • RS232 and JOFRACAL calibration software

Selection guide MTC Series

 MTC-140 A

MTC-320 A

MTC-650 A

Temperature range @ ambient 23°C / 73°F

-17 to 140°C (-1 to 284°F) 33 to 320°C (91 to 608°F) 33 to 650°C (91 to 1202°F)
Heating time 15 min. 4 min. 10 min.
Immersion depth 110 mm 115 mm 115 mm
Accuracy ±0.5°C  ±0.5°C ±0.9°C
Stability ±0.05°C ±0.1°C ±0.1°C
Resolution 0.1°C 0.1°C 0.1°C
Read-out °C and °F °C and °F °C and °F

MVI - Mains Variance Immunity
MVI - Mains Variance Immunity

MVI kredsløbet, som er standard på de fleste JOFRA tør-blokke fjerner temperatur-stabilitetsproblemer forårsaget af ustabil netspænding.

JOFRACAL kalibreringssoftware
JOFRACAL kalibreringssoftware

Ved hjælp af JOFRACAL kan du på en let og overskuelig måde opbygge og styre selve kalibreringen, gemme og søge i resultaterne, udskrive certifikater, hente historik på de enkelte følere og ikke mindst planlægge kommende kalibreringer.

MTC Serien - Marine Temperature Calibrator

Mere info

 JOFRA / JF Instruments MTC Serien

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Insertion tubes for JOFRA temperature dry-blocks

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